Your mind, body and spirit work together to bring you health and prosperity. They cannot truly be separated. When one part of your system is healed, the other parts are positively affected as well.

GRD Holistic Healing

Each client receives a personalized holistic health evaluation from Diane Fragale — looking at the "whole person" before suggested treatments are offered.

Spritual Healing & Life Coaching

Spiritual Healing takes place through awareness...

Health Education & Counseling

GRD Holistic Healing focuses each health...

Nutrition & Detoxification Counseling

The physical body is our vehicle.  it needs...

Diane Fragale

Diane“Diane Fragale is an extraordinarily insightful and well schooled mind, body, and spirit health care practitioner/educator.

What makes her so effective and unique is the path she took to get where she is today.

Her knowledge of nutrition came about because she grew extremely sick and tired of being sick and tired. Through this learning, a whole new alternative world of living was revealed to her.

The awareness of bodily wellness became apparent. But there was still something missing; a human essential; the need to feel placement, inner peace and a purpose. This led her to Kundalini Yoga, a life changing decision.

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